Friday, June 22, 2018

Royal Kangaroo Lord Johnathon Boyd Poem - August 23, 1980 - Video

I've really been enjoying going through all of the Portland Wrestling videos on You Tube.  I just watched this one with Jonathon Boyd and had a hard time understanding so I went back and wrote it down.  I'm most of the way through 1980 now!

You fans have seen the wrestling game best.
Men from all nations with hair on their chest.
Some you've admired and some you hate.
And some were lousy and just didn't rate.
But who is this greatest from all present and past?
The kid from down under, that rolls them up fast.
But who is that man, that man with such fame?
The Royal Kangaroo, you know the name.

Pro Wrestling Live at the Salem Grand Theater 1982 - Clipping

I only ever went to wrestling one time in Salem, at the Armory.  I don't know why we didn't go there
more often.  It's not so far, but as a kid it seemed forever away.  Even though we would go to some other towns in the summer, we only went to Salem that one time. 

Wednesday, June 20, 2018

Big Time Wrestling in Seattle - August 18, 1982 - 10 Foot Steel Cage Match!

There was always such excitement when the main event had a steel cage!
But someone always figured out a way to escape the cage.

Big Time Wrestling - January 9, 1985 ~ Grudge Match!

I assume they mean Billy Two "Eagles" here.  These little newspaper clippings always had mistakes in them. Again, not sure if 85 was correct on this.  I  know things changed pretty quickly, but I started going in Spring/Summer of 1985 and there was no Keno Nagasaki, Don Running Bear, or Mr. Ebony.

Big Time Wrestling January 2, 1985

This seems like it would be earlier than 1985, but I am just going by the date written on the page.  Let me know if you know the real year.  I am guessing 81?

March 22, 1985 Jaggers Victorious Over Von Steiner

Monday, June 18, 2018

Portland Wrestling at the Lane County Fairgrounds March 15, 1985

This sounds closer to what was happening in 1985, when I started going to the arena.  In my era, they wrestled at the Lane County Fairgrounds, in Eugene, every Friday night.  They also wrestled at the Salem Center Arena every Thursday.  Since these wrestlers were on the road usually 7 nights a week, these were both relatively close.  Salem being about 45 miles from Portland and Eugene being about 90 miles.  

Big Time Wrestling July 1, 1981 ~ Clipping

Mixed tag match!  Usually when they did this, if the man tagged the woman, then the other woman automatically came into the ring.  The two almost never fought each other.

Sunday, June 17, 2018

August 18, 1982 ~ 10 Foot Steel Cage Match - Clipping

Since I've been watching all of the older then my time matches on You Tube, I have noticed that 
they really liked to have other wrestlers referee some of the matches.  And the good guys
usually called it right down the middle, of course.  I don't remember them ever using that in the late 80's and 90's.  It seems like Rocky Johnson is the special ref at this event.  I wonder if his son was in 

1988 Portland Wrestling Program on ebay.......

June 18, 1988, just a little over a year after Steve Doll came to the Northwest he was tag champs with Scott Peterson and super popular with the audience. It's true that the Southern Rockers ruled Portland Wrestling in the late 80's!

Tuesday, June 12, 2018

The Midnight Soldier

The Midnight Soldier wrestled in Portland Wrestling for a short time in 1989.  He mysteriously appeared a few weeks after Brian Adams had lost a loser leave town match.  Grappler put a $1,000 bounty on the mask. Bounties were very popular in the 80's.  As it turned out, it was Brian Adams all along!  He also used this mask when he was passing out candy at Halloween at his apartment in Milwaukie.

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