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Tuesday, December 26, 2017

Portland Wrestling at the Lane County Fairgrounds March 15, 1985

This sounds closer to what was happening in 1985, when I started going to the arena.  In my era, they wrestled at the Lane County Fairgrounds, in Eugene, every Friday night.  They also wrestled at the Salem Center Arena every Thursday.  Since these wrestlers were on the road usually 7 nights a week, these were both relatively close.  Salem being about 45 miles from Portland and Eugene being about 90 miles.  

Big Time Wrestling - January 9, 1985

I assume they mean Billy Two "Eagles" here.  These little newspaper clippings always had mistakes in them. Again, not sure if 85 was correct on this.  I  know things changed pretty quickly, but I started going in Spring/Summer of 1985 and there was no Keno Nagasaki, Don Running Bear, or Mr. Ebony.

Big Time Wrestling January 2, 1985?

This seems like it would be earlier than 1985, but I am just going by the date written on the page.  Let me know if you know the real year.  I am guessing 81?

Portland Wrestling Results - November 13, 1976 - Snuka Defeats Ventura!

Big Time Wrestling in Seattle - Rip Oliver vs Bobby Jaggers - Early 80's

No date on this one.  

Big Time Wrestling in Seattle - May 8th, 1982/3?

I always loved it when the midgets came to town.  They had a great comedy routine in the ring.  No matter what the card was, the midgets were always the best.  They had the same athletic ability, but were so much more entertaining than many of the other matches.  They have never gotten the credit they deserved.   Of course midgets is a derogatory term, as these fighters were just as good as their average sized counterparts, and not less than in any way.

Big Time Wrestling in Seattle - August 18, 1982 - 10 Foot Steel Cage Match!

There was always such excitement when the main event had a steel cage!
But someone always figured out a way to escape the cage.

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