Friday, May 25, 2018

Portland Wrestling Playlist 1977-1979


     I've been matching the Portland Wrestling Playlist 1977-1979 from the Portland Wrestling channel on You Tube. This is before I got into Portland Wrestling, and video that I haven't seen.  I have been surprised about how much I am really enjoying it. I'm not sure why I was surprised, but,of course, it's great and really entertaining.
    I know most of the names, and still remember many of the personalities from the 80's and beyond.  The action is great, the storylines are compelling, and the ring mat looks totally GROSS! In one of the videos,Sam Oliver Bass (Outlaw Ron Bass) gets attacked by Ed Wiscowski and Buddy Rose, he's bleeding everywhere and during the second fall the referee Sandy Barr has blood on his clothes, the wrestlers have that blood on them here and there. Ewwww!
   I've heard of Frank Bonnema, I remember going to the memorial tournament in '85 or '86. He's a great commentator. I like how he is just himself and doesn't seem over the top.  He doesn't appear to fake enthusiasmm, but seems genuinely excited about what's happening in the ring.
     I'm 40 videos in to the playlist and I'm pretty sure I'll watch all 188 of them.  
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