Tuesday, December 22, 2015

Mount Scott Community Center - OPWF - July 2, 1999?

I'm not sure about the year on this one.  I really liked going to shows at the Mount Scott Community Center.  I thought it was a pretty good venue.  I remember this show pretty well, as my sister got called up to the ring by Buddy Rose.  She was a bit wild then and had Purple hair and was probably dressed in an interesting outfit.  She was cheering Buddy when he came out and so he called her up to the ring and asked for a kiss!  She kissed him on the cheek and then he said, "I can die now. I've just been kissed by Cindy Lauper!"  It was pretty funny.

Billy Jack Haynes

Photo of Billy Jack Haynes from the back of a WWF program.
Possibly 1987.

Honestly haven't been a big Billy Jack fan for a very long time.  When he started his Oregon City promotion in 1988, OWF, we went every Saturday night and to several of the other shows as well.  Some nights we were some of the few people there.  He brought in good talent and the guys, and matches were very entertaining.  I just never understand why he had to go against Don Owen.  Why not run on Friday Night, in Oregon City,  instead?  I feel like he would have had a large portion of the Sports Arena fans there.

 He finally did return to PNW, after OWF closed, and make his heal turn.  We were allowed to stay in the Sports Arena after the people were all ushered out, and the wrestlers walked by headed to the office to settle up for the night, or whatever they did in the office.  Fans were gone, it was just staff at that point.   One night, maybe a week or two after the heal turn, Billy Jack walks by us (my mom, myself and a friend).  He stops and starts yelling at us about how we aren't his real fans because we never supported him in Oregon City.  He then starts to talk about how, "You obviously never went to my gym did you, Big Momma."  Puffing out his cheeks and putting out his hands to indicate that my mom was fat.  At this point I get pissed off and start yelling at him, I am a 13 year old kid at the time, but you don't mess with my mom!  I tell him that we went to his shows every Saturday night and we would have gone to his gym but we were already under contract with another gym.  And we'd still be going to his shows if he wasn't a failure.  I guess that touched a nerve because he just looked down and walked away without saying anything else.

After that, if he walked by us he'd always say, "Have a good night ladies." or something polite, to that effect.  But for me the damage was done. He may have been just trying to stay in character, but there was no point as we were the only fans still there and obviously with some members of the staff.

Wednesday, December 16, 2015

Portland Wrestling - August 19, 2000 Matches

I think this event was at the Roseland Theater?  

Random Autographs

Here are a few of the random autographs I collected over the years.  I'm glad I wrote their names down when I got the autograph, because some just look like odd scribbles on paper.

Art Barr, pre-Betelgeuse

"Sexy Rexy" Rex King
A little odd to sign something "Sexy" to an 11 year old, but okay.
He always signed this way, but never actually used this as a ring name.
Maybe in a previous promotion?

Scott Peterson

Mark Young
Sorry Mark, I don't remember you.

"Mean" Mike Miller

Mighty Sputnik

Ricky Vaughn
He later wrestled as Lance Von Erich in the South,
but he was never really a Von Erich.

Billy Two Eagles

Billy Two Eagles 1992
I can always spot a wrestling photo taken in the Portland Sports Arena by that low ceiling.  In my recollection the ring ropes were always just red until maybe '91.

Sunday, December 13, 2015

Happy Birthday Steve Doll- December 9, 1960

Steve Doll 1988.
1988.  They sold thousands of these shirts.  I still have 2 or 3 of them.

Steve Doll & Rex King 1991
Another T-Shirt you could buy.  I don't think I ever had one.  I was a Southern Rockers purist and really only liked Scott Peterson. 

Steve Doll signing autographs, 1990.
Yes, that is a photo of Steve Doll with a Ninja Turtle, and another where he is only wearing a towel.  I bought them both!

I hope the Southern Rockers are still Rock'n Rollin' in heaven!  

RIP Steve Doll & Scott Peterson.

Lost Champions of Portland Wrestling ~ VIDEO

Great video on some of the original Champions of Portland Wrestling.  Some interesting information and great photos.  All before my time.  I wish I knew more about this history, or could see video of it. Unfortunately, archives were not kept and most matches pre-VCR days are gone forever.

You can also follow the markers of this video, Portland Wrestling,  on Facebook.
Also head over to YouTube and subscribe as they have new videos about Portland Wrestling periodically.
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