Saturday, May 9, 2015

Can I get my picture with you?

One of the best parts of Portland Wrestling, was the access to the wrestlers themselves.  These guys were my heroes, but I ran into them at the gym, grocery store, the mall, and walking their dogs.  (That's how I found out where Steve Doll lived.  He was out in front of his apartments on Harmony Road in Milwaukie, walking his dog Mandy.  Brian Adams lived there too.)

Portland Wrestling always offered autograph sessions at the arena, and the guys were always doing charity events that included autograph sessions. But that didn't stop us from waiting outside the Sports Arena after a match or sneaking back inside after security chased all of the fans away, so we could get our photos taken.

Here is a small selection of photos I took with some of the greats....

Jody, Buddy Wayne and Carl Pope photo bomb

My sister Brea and Curtis Thompson

Jody and the Assassin 1988 (Check out that Mullet!)

Jody and Bart Sawyer (I think he was still Steve Sawyer at this point.)

Jody and Bart Sawyer 

Jody and Brian Adams

Mike Winner and Jody (Holding my scrapbook, which held most of the photos you have seen on the blog.)

Jody and Steve Doll (He looks really thrilled.)

Steve Doll and Jody (He's a little happier here.) 1989

Jody and Steve Doll 1988 (I had gotten around 6-7 pictures with him during this autograph session.)

Steve Doll and Jody 1990

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