Sunday, October 28, 2012

Portland Wrestling Uncut on Fox 12

The show started last night, but I missed the beginning.  My DVR didn't know when to record, so it didn't get it all.  If you missed it, visit the website for more info.  The show was fun, and I liked the backstage shots and flashbacks.  It was great to see old Sports Arena footage. Wrestlers included were Wade Hess, Big Ugly, Thunder, Gentleman George Michael, Colt Tombs (Roddy Piper's son), The Grappler, and a few more.  Shawn Divari showed up near the end to throw his name into the mix, and Mean Mike Miller was on the commentating table with Don Coss for one match. 

They announced a show at the Milwaukie Elks Lodge on December 4.  Sounds like fun!  Tickets are $10 general and $15 ringside.

"Mean" Mike Miller

Tuesday, October 23, 2012

NEW Portland Wrestling UNCUT on Fox 12 Saturday after the World Series

Portland Wrestling Returns to Fox 12 on Saturday Night!

I just saw a commercial for it.  There is a video on the site with Roddy Piper doing an interview and showing highlights of the show including Don Coss.

Check out the Video!

Check out the Crazy Early 90's Style!

Oh the good old late 80's and early 90's.  Some people want to think that wrestlers had their own special style, but if I had a photo of the audience, it would look just the same! 

Scotty the Body (Raven) in an embelished jean jacket and wrap around sunglasses!

Bart Sawyer in cut and fringed t-shirt.

Scott Norton in Red Zebra pants and matching tank top!
Bright Green Neon from head to toe on Curtis Thompson in US Male.

Steve Doll wearing a jogging suit with leaopard shoulders.  The pants had matching stripes down the side.  Brian Adams had a matching suit!

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