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Brian Adams April 14, 1964– August 13, 2007

Nearly 5 years after Brian Adams died, and I still can't believe it.  The amount of great wrestlers lost so early is just heartbreaking.  I had a few friends who worked at the Sports Arena, and I got to stay in after everyone else was pushed out the doors.  I often sat on the counter by the snack bar, directly between Don Owen's office and the locker room.  If I had a friend with me we would stop a few guys and get pictures taken. Some of the guys would say, sorry not tonight.  They were never rude, just not in the mood after the matches.  Not Brian though.  He would always stop and give me a warm hug, ask about my mom, or joke around with me.  Even if he was clearly sore and tired. We lived in the same neighborhood, it seems most wrestlers ended up living in Milwaukie, and when I would see him at the gym or the store he would always smile, wink or wave hello.  I was a teenager then.  My friends were into New Kids on the Block, but I had Portland Wrestlers.  Can you imagine seeing Elvis at the grocery store or the bank on a regular basis?  That's what it was like for me. 

Brian and I after the matches at the Sports Arena.
Brian Adams in his Wrecking Crew Gear

Brian Adams in Kona Crush outfit.
Brian Adams in Demolition outfit.
With Singapore Title.

Great Brian Adams moments....

  • Coming to wrestle in Portland Wrestling as the American Ninja
  • The Kendo Stick
  • Wrestling as the "Midnight Soldier" with mask.
  • The Breakfast Club with the Grappler and Nord the Barbarian
  • Power Lifting just about everyone over his head.
  • Wearing his Midnight Soldier mask at home to pass out Halloween candy! Yep, I trick or treated at his house.
  • His awesome bulldog.
  • The ginormous blue Lincoln that he drove.
  • Joining Demolition as Crush.
To read more of his story, see his Wikipedia page. 

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