Monday, December 23, 2019

The Rock ~ Honorary Oregonian

Did you know that the Rock just bought partial ownership in our very own Salt & Straw Ice Cream chain?  Of course, we know his dad, Rocky Johnson, wrestled here in Portland in the early 80's.  I've always wondered if Dwayne was living here with him at the time.  Turns out they were living in Vancouver and he ran wild around the Sports Arena.  Probably just a few years before I was running wild around the Sports Arena!  He also mentions that his uncle Siva married Kathy Peterson, Tom Peterson's daughter. 

Wednesday, December 4, 2019

Portland Wrestle-Media Magazine Volume 3 - #1 (1989) Entire Magazine Scans

One thing I can say for the Portland Wrestlers is that they were always out doing charity work.
Almost every weekend you could find Steve Doll, Brian Adams or even Buddy Rose out collecting toys or canned food, visiting children's hospitals or donating their time in some other
fun way.  I remember calling up the local MDA telethon and donating $15 so I could talk to Steve Doll on the phone for 1 minute!  

Watch out for my word find near the end of the magazine. 

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